Craft the Perfect Hair Routine Based on Your Hair Type

If you’ve hit a wall or think your hair care routine is limited to lather, rinse, repeat – it could be time to listen up and change your ways. Your mane is unique and everyones routine will differ to suit your style. Read on the find out my favourite tips and tricks to ensure your hair gets the TLC it deserves.

Step 1: Determine your hair type

Keep it simple. You can see if your hair is curly or straight. However, have you asked yourself if it’s looking happy and healthy, or flat and lacking life.

You may have seen these numbers and letters on hair products, but do you know what they mean? They indicator whether the product is thin, thick, moisturising or not and will give you a good idea of what may suit your mane.

1 Straight 2 Wavy 3 Curly 4 Coiled
A fine, thin, prone to oil fine (has S shape) fine or loose curls tight, springy coils
B medium (some volume) medium (has S shape with some frizz) medium or tight curls Z coils
C coarse, thick, won’t hold curl coarse (has S shape, prone to frizz) tight, thick curls very tight, coarse coils

Step 2: Determine your hair needs

Once you know your hair type, you can decide what you think it needs. Here’s a quick rundown of some common hair concerns and needs:

Damage: Too much heat or colour, friction from buns/ponytails, environmental exposure (sun, wind, rain, chlorine/salt in water).

Definition: Well-defined hair stays to way you style it. When lacking definition it may look heavy or overgrown. With curls, lack of definition turns them into one big clump.

Frizz: When your hair is dry or lacking moisture (due to humidity, genes or damage), it may be prone to going fuzzy, losing shape and standing out of place.

Shine: Hair that’s coarse, frizzy, or damaged may appear a bit dull. Heavy products can leave behind an unwanted residue, too. Clean, healthy and moisturised hair is shiny. Shiny hair is happy hair!

Volume: The thickness of your hair is out of your control, however, you can control the volume to an extent. Volume refers to your hair’s fullness, which can be enhanced with haircuts, styling techniques, and products.

Create your routine

Now you’ve had a think about your hair type and your goals, it’s time to create your perfect routine. Keep and open mind that your daily routine may differ to your ‘night out’ routine – sometimes you might need to mix and match!

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