Treatments for Luxurious Locks

You may be sceptical about products beyond shampoo and conditioner but there are many products which help with care for specific hair types and concerns. It’s recommended to use these products to enhance, maintain, and keep your hair looking its best.

Here’s a look at some you might want to try:

Dandruff treatments: Dreaded Dandruff – don’t worry, it doesn’t mean your hair is dirty. Dandruff treatments balance out the PH levels on your scalp and assist with moisturising your scalp.

Hair masks: Do a hair mask once a week if you colour your hair or if it’s prone to dryness. Most hair masks are designed to provide multiple benefits, from hydrating and repairing, to decreasing breakages and increasing volume.

Hair vitamins: You should consider vitamins as they will help maintain your locks as well as kickstart any repair. Alongside this they generally provide essential nutrients for your skin and nails too.

Texturising sprays: It’s in the name – they add texture, and add volume. Perfect for those ‘beachy waves’ or ‘bedhead’ look.

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